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    MA | LAC | NCC | Life Coach

    The Healing Oasis, LLC life coach, founder Tynisha Clarke always knew that she wanted to live a life serving others. It was no surprise that she went into the Mental Health field as a therapist, which gives her an opportunity to counsel, encourage, and guide those who are in need.


    Through Tynisha`s faith, she was able to perfect her craft and operate in spiritual counsel. Like many others, Tynisha is no stranger to adversity and uses her triumph to relate and encourage others. Tynisha has a passion for sharing her heart and testimony as she uses her platform to glorify God in all that she does.

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    Tynisha is known for her speaking engagements and presentations on mental health within the African American and Religious communities. Her specific passion is helping those in the African American community bridge the gap between the sigma of mental health and receiving the help that is needed.


    Throughout the years, Tynisha has worked with cliental of diverse cultures, assisting them in living a better and more fulfilled life and she is dedicated to helping you live your best life!

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