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  • Life coach

    My job is to help you take full responsibility over your life, regardless of the challenges that life has presented. Yes, it's true that we cannot control what happens in life, however we can control how we deal with the hand that we have been dealt! I use various methods of Guided Meditation, Reframing Thoughts, and Goal Setting, amongst various other modalities. When you learn to manage challenges, you will increase your quality of life, taking effective action steps towards your personal goals, giving you the results that you desire!

  • Goal Setting

    Sometimes in life, we have a destination without a plan for how to get there. The importance of goal setting is to help a person get to a destination in life through a sense of purpose that is broken down into measurable increments. The Healing Oasis, LLC uses goal aspiration, goal breakdown, and goal planning to assist you on your journey.


    Spirituality is a unique approach to assist the client through various aspects of life. Spirituality gives individuals balance, peace, perspective, joy, and wholeness. Most times we have an encounter with spirituality through the hardships of life. The Healing Oasis, LLC will assist you in being able to connect with spirituality through a holistic approach.


    Let's face it, adjusting to life can be difficult. If 2020 has taught us anything, it taught us the power of being able to adjust. COVID came and knocked all our lives out of alignment. We quickly had to learn how to adjust to living life without loved ones, working from home, remote learning for our children, wearing masks, and not being able to be around our loved ones, as well cancelled graduations, proms, or going away to college. We celebrated birthdays and milestones via zoom, facetime, or social media., Adjusting is hard and I am here to let you know that it is OK if you are struggling with adjusting to the new normality of life. The Healing Oasis, LLC is here to support you during your adjusting process.


    Losing a loved one is challenging, and you can never properly prepare for it. Adjusting to life without them makes the hurt of losing them even deeper. The Healing Oasis, LLC, offers a safe and stable environment where you will be able to learn the key tools to cope with hardships that grief can bring.

    Stress Management

    STRESS! At some point in our lives, we have all been stressed out. At least, I know that I have, whether it was too much on my plate, feeling unproductive, or not making sure that I planned accordingly. Stress can make you want to give up and throw in the towel, but what if I told you, you could overcome stress? Stress has an interesting way of making the most mediocre aspects in life seem like an impossible to pursuit. What if I told you that The Healing Oasis, LLC can help you in overcoming stress through best practice techniques that are sure to help you eliminate stress?


    Self-esteem starts with self-love. It does not come from family, friends, social media, or societal factors. Self-love means learning to love every aspect of you, even the things that you try to hide. Self-esteem also means awareness of self. Through awareness of self, you can build your confidence and live a life of success. The Healing Oasis, LLC is here to help you build yourself up and live a life that you are proud of.

    Establishing Healthy Habits

    I'm sure we've all heard at some time or another the famous quote, "it takes 21 days to create a habit", which may very well be true. However, if you don't know how to create healthy habits, 21 days doesn't mean anything. When you establish healthy habits, you will live a better life, whether its through healthy eating habits, setting boundaries, breaking unhealthy cycles, becoming disciplined, identifying habits and triggers, changing your surroundings, or simply doing what is best for you. The Healing Oasis, LLC is here to help you establish healthy habits through a specialized habit plan.

    Defining Your Purpose

    Defining your purpose can be hard as you walk through life. Sometime life challenges make us doubt ourselves and our abilities. Defining your purpose will assist you in decision making, strengthening of your relationships, as well as help you to move towards a life that you are proud of. The Healing Oasis, LLC is ready to help you do your work as you define your purpose in life.

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