Why is Self Care so Important?

Lets face it self care is hard to do especially if you have other factors in your life that you prioritize over yourself, such as a spouse, children, career, expenses, etc. Trust me I get it! However I’m well aware that if I don’t take care of myself first then all of the other important areas in my life will lack. It’s impossible to pour from an empty cup.

The beauty of self care is that it’s not once size fits all. Only you can determine what self care looks like. For me, it’s spending time with God, my family, Shopping, and an ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts, lol! I may not do all of these things at once, however if I can indulge in at least one of these simple aspects of life, I am able to recharge and effectively take on my next task.

Spending time with God is my best form of self care as it allows me to hand all of my burdens over, however I can be honest in saying that I don’t always allow my self to take advantage of the opportunity! Not because I don’t want to do it, but because I am boggled down with so many other external task. The down side is not taking time out for self care leads me into a downward spiral where I eventually crash!

Self Care Warning Signs

Do you know your warning signs? The more you participate in self care , your awareness of self will increase. My warning signs consist of agitation, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and insomnia. When any of these take place I know that I need to stop, take a step back, and implement one or all of my self care tactics.

Yours may look different, maybe you isolate, over indulge in a variation of activities, or simple ignore your warning signs. None of which will help! It is strongly advised that you take some time to figure out what positive outlets benefit you!

How Can Self Care Benefit You?

When we take care of ourselves we are more likely to be able to handle the stress and uncertainties of life! Have you ever noticed that when you feel physically and emotionally strong, things tend to bother you less? That’s because we have fed into the natural dopamine receptors within our brains, which gives us a sense of resilience. Walks, exercise, writing, bathes, therapy, rest, massages, meeting up with friends and family, etc. are all important forms of self care to maintain mental health.

Remember it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup. You can not give what you don’t have